Technological line for cold pressing of oilseeds

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CAPACITY of the technological line with one press:


Seed pressing from:

- grape seeds, black cumin, rose hips 200 kg / hour;
- sunflower, hemp, flax, sesame, coriander, milk thistle - 300 kg / hour.

If desired by the buyer, an additional 1, 2 … N presses can be installed, respectively to increase the capacity.

The line for cold pressing of seeds is an innovation and is pending patent. Its primary advantages are:


1. The technological line is suitable for the pressing of all sorts of oilseeds – grape,
coriander, fennel, flax, hemp, chia, black cumin, pumpkin, milk thistle, rosehip etc.


2. The technological line offers optimal automation and mechanization of processes, and thus minimizes salary expenses – it only requires 2 workers with average qualifications per shift. It can operate at full capacity 24 h/day 330 days/year but may also operate with regular shift workdays of 8 h/day.


3. Minimum area required for the deployment and exploitation of the production line –240 sq. m.

4. It operates with highest utilization and capacity significantly outperforming the rates of similar patented western models from Germany, England, USA
Example: Our press, powered by a 15kW electric motor has the minimal capacity of 200 kg/h processed seeds with utilization of grape seeds of 10-18% (depending on their oil contents).
Similar western presses reach 70-80 or up to 150 kg/h at a significantly lower seed utilization rate. For sunflower with 42% fat content of peeled seeds, the yield is 39%. For rapeseed with 40-50% fat content of peeled seeds the yield is 35-45%.

5. The processes of pressing and storing of oils in our technological line flow in a nitrogen environment, which results in heavily reduced oxidation of oil antioxidants. As a result the expiry dates of our oils are significantly prolonged.


6. Electrical power needed for manufacturing is significantly lowered to 35 kW/h.


7. Steam, water and chemicals are not necessary for the manufacturing process. This eliminates the need for an expensive water waste cleansing station, while also cutting any recurring expenses associated with its exploitation.


8. Presses are highly tempered and resistant to wear.

9. We plan to install metal and stone catchers.

10. The technological line will also include cooling systems and a small laboratory.


11. Production of 130 tons of high-quality grape seed oil, which can be used in the
pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

12. Production of high quantities (1,170) tons of high-quality food supplements with multiple health benefits.

13. Low processing temperatures of under 30℃ ensures that the oil maintains many health benefits.
14. Cooling of oils – from 30℃ to 5℃, immediately after pressing.

15. Low processing temperature of food supplements makes them a super food.


16. Production may be suspended and resumed without the need for preparation. This ensures easy maintenance and exploitation.

17. Materials used for the assembly of all parts that come in contact with marc, oil or food supplements: stainless steel AISI 304.

18. Quick and guaranteed delivery of spare parts.

Both flow lines utilize the most up-to date and modern machines available on the market. Delivery terms: to the site, including on-site assembly, and initiation
Terms of execution: production and packaging by 90 business days upon advance payment; on-site assembly by 45 business days.